Delinquent Taxes

Late Payment Penalty and InterestAs required by Ohio Revised Code section 323.121:

A late payment penalty of 5% is added to past due current year taxes, provided that the balance due is paid in full within the first ten days following the due date. Otherwise, a full 10% penalty is added.

You may file an Application for Remission of Penalty with the Treasurer's Office. By law, penalties can only be remitted in certain circumstances.

House and Clock
Repayment Options: If you fall behind on your taxes, there could be a payment contract available for you. The Butler County Treasurer's Office makes every effort to work with taxpayers who have fallen behind on their taxes. Please contact our office (513) 887-3181, option 0, to see if you are eligible for a payment contract. 

Interest is added twice a year:
  • Interest is added to the unpaid balance from prior tax years on the first day of the month following the second half due date.
  • On December 1, interest is added to the total unpaid balance.