Excess Proceeds and Unclaimed Funds

Excess ProceedsSheriff foreclosure sales may result in additional monies not needed to pay off debts or liens on the property. These overages are called excess proceeds. Butler County deposits these monies in an Excess Proceeds Fund. Please click here for additional information and the most recent list of excess proceeds.

Unclaimed FundsUnclaimed funds are assets that have existed in accounts or deposits that were inactive for five or more years. After this dormant period, holders of these accounts are required by Ohio law to turn them over to the Ohio Department of Commerce if the holder is unable to locate the owner of the funds. These funds are held by the state until claimed by the rightful owner.

Unclaimed funds come from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Uncashed checks
  • Inactive checking and savings accounts
  • Forgotten rent and utility payments
  • Insurance benefits
  • Stock shares and dividend checks
  • Safe Deposit Box contents
SearchesTo search the list of unclaimed funds held by the State of Ohio for Butler County residents, please click here.

To search the list of unclaimed funds held locally by the Butler County Auditor, please click here.

If you wish to search for unclaimed funds in other states, try the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

If you want more information about unclaimed funds, please visit the State of Ohio website here